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    Light bulbs

    Discover our wide range of light bulbs, find the right light for your home and lifestyle.

    Decorative lights

    Philips offers home decorative lighting collection, that’s just right for your home.


    Bring out the best in your home with Philips LED downlights.

    Tube lights

    Explore the wide range of Philips LED tube lights and LED battens.

    Smart lighting

    Explore the wide range of Wi-Fi connected lighting solutions from Philips.

    Switches & accessories

    Introducing wide range of modular switches, circuit breakers & accessories.

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    Lighting can transform any space,

    and our ideas will bring an

    extra glow to your home.


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    Light that's easy
    on your eyes


    Did you know that light can have an impact on your visual comfort? Learn how Philips EyeComfort LED bulbs can help.

    Why Philips?

    Premium LED

    Energy saving LED light bulbs and long lasting, quality light.


    Your home is worth investing in. Produce less waste with Philips products.


    Energy saving LED light bulbs and long lasting, quality light.

    Award winning lighting products


    We're the proud winners of the Red Dot Award 2019 for our high quality lighting products

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    An initiative for safe disposal of e-waste, by Signify

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