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    Add a new spark to your living room


    Blog: 4 ways to improve your living room lighting

    Pick the perfect lighting for a perfect ambiance!


    The ambiance of the living room can make or break your mood. Be it spending quality time with friends and family or enjoying much-needed me time, the living room is always the perfect spot. Incorporating aesthetic lighting with your interior decor is an effective way to set the mood for every occasion. Here’s a lighting guide to help you select the right lighting fixture and create the space of your dreams!

    Grab all attention with a dazzling chandelier


    Chandeliers are the showstoppers in the world of lighting! No lights can bring out grace and elegance effortlessly as chandeliers or ceiling centrepieces do. Not only do they beautify the interior, but they also provide excellent illumination to the room. Adding solo dramatic chandeliers or classy suspending luminaires can also help make the room look much more spacious! Explore the exclusive range of decorative Philips chandeliers to find the perfect eye-grabber for your living room.

    Pendant ceiling light in living room

    Accentuate coves with the right lights


    LED strip lights are one of the most trendy lighting fixtures that help add an accent to not only the living room but also the other rooms in the house. With the vast variety of available colour options, strip lights are the pioneers of effective colourful illumination. Their flexibility makes them a great choice for lighting up spaces like floor/ceiling coves, that bulbs or tube lights cannot. You can also layer the lighting in your lounging area with light strips that provide a variety of colour tones, switching from warm to cool tones or even kaleidoscopic hues - which would help find an attractive colour that would perfectly match the rest of your lighting fixtures.

    cove lighting in living room

    Bring life to the room with downlights


    Downlights are truly versatile. They work for high ceilings but also low ceilings, they brighten up smaller spaces while they also bring together all the elements in a larger room. The colour of these lights must always complement the colour palette of your living room. While dim warm yellow lighting makes the room cosy and comfortable, cool white lighting makes it the perfect wind-down yet balanced set-up. Philips Smart Wifi LED Downlights are a great option if you’re looking for downlights that can switch between warm to cool lighting with the right dimming.

    Downlights in ceiling in living room

    Add beauty to murals with picture lights


    A beautiful painting without adequate illumination is like a lock with a key. Ample lighting can help highlight parts of an art piece which adds a new perspective to the visual. Fixing picture lights over art pieces is the perfect way to do justice to the effort put into the canvas. Such modern lights add an artistic elegance that brings together aestheticism while its concentrated lighting takes care of the functionality. Be it any texture - oil, acrylic etc, with the help of picture lights there are no art pieces that cannot be brought to life!

    Picture lights in living room


    Every kind of lighting fixture has its own charm and an essential role to play in creating the ideal atmosphere in a living room - but it’s how you bring all those elements together to create a space that’s authentically yours.


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