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    Philips Bathroom Lighting

    The best light to start your day, or to create your own personal spa.

    Fresh, clean, and safe


    Get ready fast for school or work, or create an oasis to enjoy a relaxing bath and a good book. Here are the best bathroom lighting ideas to help you light every moment. From bright functional ceiling lights to mirror lighting and colour-changing mood lighting.

    Bathroom lighting ideas

    Ceiling light in the bathroom
    Ceiling lights

    Bathroom ceiling lights

    Install a bright white ceiling lamp to energize your morning routine and offer enough brightness while cleaning. With SceneSwitch you can even dim the brightness - with your existing switch - for a more calming feel in the evening.
    Wall light above a mirror in the bathroom
    Spot the details

    Bathroom mirror wall lights

    Suffient functional lighting is needed in front of the mirror. Place lights above and to the sides of the mirror, in order to reduce shadows on the face while shaving or applying/removing makeup.
    Ceiling spotlights in the bathroom
    Showering brightness

    Bathroom ceiling spots


    The shower and bath are other spaces for functional lighting. Install one or more spots with IP65* in the ceiling atop the shower or bath.

    Wireless luminaire next to the bathtub
    Your personal spa

    Philips Hue Smart Lights


    Create an oasis to wind down after a long day with Philips accent lighting. Use warm white wall lights, WarmGlow dimmable bulbs, or Philips Hue lights to completely transform your bathroom in a personal spa.

    Safe and waterproof bathroom lights

    Determine the right zone for your lighting need and choose a luminaire accordingly
    Overview of IP values in the bathroom
    Bathroom lighting from Philips is designed for humid environments and are completely safe to use. In the bathroom there are three humidity zones and all our products are therefore IP23-, IP44-, or IP65 certified. The closer you need to place a lamp to the source of water, the higher the IP value needs to be.

    Bathroom lighting videos


    Watch these videos to learn about the best kind of lighting for your bathroom.

    Dimmable LED bulbs

    Setting the mood with lighting

    LED color temperature color of light

    Light colour temperature