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    Philips Smart Light

    Simplify your home lighting experience & create
    the perfect ambience with Philips Smart Lights

    What is smart lighting?


    With smart lights you can manage the lighting in your home easily, and more efficiently. Smart bulbs screw into the existing sockets in your home and your phone can be used to provide full control of the lighting. It’s never been easier to create ambiance in your home, or set the lighting to match your activities. Control your smart lights/ smart bulbs via an app, with your voice, or using smart controls. And don’t worry, your good old switches also still work. It’s so much more than just a fancy way to control the lighting in your home. Smart lights, smart bulbs actually help simplify and improve quality of life. Get a smarter expereince in your home with wide range of smart lights, smart bulbs from Philips.

    smart lighting overview

    Benefits of smart lighting

    app control icon

    Tap your app


    No need to go from room to room to turn your lights off. Our LED smart bulbs are app assisted making it easy to do it anywhere in your home.

    voice control icon

    Smart schedules


    Create schedules to automate your smart lights in the morning, at night, or whenever you like. Even when you’re away from home or on vacation.

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    Voice control


    You can even tell your smart lights what you want them to do using most of the popular voice-activated smart home devices.

    Different types of smart lighting


    Whether you’re just starting your smart home journey or would like to completely automate your tech paradise, we’ve got the right kind of LED smart bulbs for you.

    Easy smart lighting


    An easy and intuitive way to dim wirelessly, set the scene, or schedule daily routines effortlessly.

    Ultimate light experience


    The best personalized lighting experience for one room or your whole home. Create ambiance, feel more secure, wake up naturally and enhance your entertainment.

    Smart Wi-Fi LED and Philips Hue products are NOT compatible with each other