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    Philips decorative chandelier collection

    The refined art of elegance, now in a new light.


    The exquisite design sensibility and material assurance of genuine crystal in Philips decorative chandelier, ensures that each chandelier stays new and retains its shine for many years, and so does your house. Add elegance & sparkle to your home with Philips decorative chandeliers!

    Philips has a nice assortment of crystal chandeliers to match your taste and sensibilities.
    Philips Chandelier lighting range

    Philips Naica Chandelier

    Premium crystal chandelier for sparkling lights to complement your home décor. Elegant titanium gold and matt black finish with premium crystals offers a sparkling illumination.

    Philips Shield Chandelier

    Elegant chrome finish giving premium look to your home decor. Philips Shield crystal chandelier offers premium crystals for sparkling lights and immersive lighting experience.

    Philips Gladius Chandelier

    Finest sparkling crystal chandelier, embellished in an elegant gold finish. Choicest sparkling crystals crafted in a beautiful gold colour makes for a finer style statement.

    Philips Flagship Chandelier

    Robust metal design and modern looks to make your home decor irresistible.

    Philips Crystal Chandelier

    Premium Class A clear crystal chandelier for sparkling lights in your living room, elegantly designed with titanium gold finish.

    Philips Inlay 

    Premium crystal chandelier for sparkling lights with aesthetic elegant and gold finish to compliment home decor.

    Lighting plan guide

    Two people sitting at a table under task lighting
    The demands of your room lighting differ according to the size of your room - bright furnished rooms need less light than darker rooms. Indirect lighting creates a cosy atmosphere. Learn how to get the most out of your lighting with this step-by-step guide.