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    Enhance the richness
    of your home

    Versatile Pendant light fixtures to provide ambient and decorative lighting.

    A Timeless Beauty for Your Home


    Philips pendant lights are the perfect addition to any space in need of a touch of elegance and sophistication. These decorative pendant lights or hanging lights are designed with a contemporary style that complements both modern and traditional decor. The intricate craftsmanship and attention to detail in each pendant light make it a unique work of art that adds a focal point to any room. Philips pendant lights & hanging lights are available in a range of finishes, from sleek brushed nickel to classic bronze, and come in various shapes and sizes to suit any taste and interior design style. These pendant lights and hanging lights provide warm, ambient lighting, making them ideal for dining rooms, living rooms, and bedrooms. Whether you're looking to create a cozy atmosphere or add a statement piece to your home, Philips pendant lights and hanging lights are sure to impress. There are some ranges which are timeless, they justify being placed in any corner of the house and accentuate it for many years! 

    Pendant and Ceiling Lights
    Philips Gemini Pendant Light

    Enhance the ambience with Gemini Pendant Light

    Add elegance to your home with these double-layered pendants . These minimalist-style pendants create an amazing ambience in any kind of interior setting giving it a modern look.

    Enjoy diffused lighting with Hemis Pendant Light

    The elegant and minimal form of these double-layered pendants will elevate your living space with it's beautiful light pattern, modern look and vibrant colour. The diffused and subtle light fills every corner of your room, as you sit back and relax.
    Hemis Pendant
    Philips Vivid Pendant Light

    Vivid Pendant Light provides a blend of timeless artistry & modern look

    Bring home the atmosphere of beautiful, vibrant colours to your home with minimalistic design and a modern look.

    Experience an elegant, refined blend of luxury and modernity with Ceiling and Suspension Lights

    These lights are designed to bring a luxurious yet contemporary feel to your home. With premium glass crystals for a sparkling light effect, they look beautiful. They also come with a comfortable night light so you can have your home lit up every night.
    Ceiling and Suspension Light
    Philips Beacon Pendant Light

    Light up your emotions with Beacon Pendant Lights

    Create a warm, even glow with Philips Beacon Pendant Lights. Made with high quality material and an adjustable suspension height, it is ideal for adding a character to your home.

    Express emotions with Blithe Pendant Lighting collection

    The shine that expresses an emotion of happiness made of high quality metal having an expressive & elegant form with beautiful light patterns.
    Philips Blithe Pendant Light
    Philips Tawny Pendant Light

    Tawny Pendant Lights provide an evergreen design with a vintage charm

    Enjoy iconic design with a vintage lamp that perfectly fits your personal style. It is made of hammered glass with shiny copper base and incorporates a timeless design that looks great in both modern & retro interiors.

    Make a statement with Lustre Pendant Lights

    With its shade akin to an inverted wine glass in high shine metallic paint, this easy to install light casts a focused beam for that added impact.
    Philips Lustre Pendant Light
    Philips Vintage Cord Pendant Light

    Vintage charm meets modern style with Vintage Cord Pendant Lights

    These minimal pendants are perfect for creating an ambiance at a get together or lighting up a corner and are ideal for filament lamps.

    Saturn Ceiling Lights provide comfort & style with a Minimalist Design

    Bring home the sleek yet elegant ceiling light with a minimalist design to transform your home space. These lights help in enhancing the décor and ensuring eye comfort.
    Philips Saturn Ceiling Light
    Philips Summit, Crown & Willow Ceiling Lights

    Illuminate your room with the stunning Summit, Crown & Willow Ceiling Lights

    Light up your space with our wide range of decorative ceiling lamps that are available in different design, size and colour to fit your style and needs offering a high quality diffuser for uniform light effect.

    Lighting plan guide

    Two people sitting at a table under task lighting
    The demands of your room lighting differ according to the size of your room - bright furnished rooms need less light than darker rooms. Indirect lighting creates a cosy atmosphere. Learn how to get the most out of your lighting with this step-by-step guide.