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    Philips Spot lights and COB spot lights

    Illuminate your space with spotlights, ensuring that no corner goes unnoticed

    Pendant And Ceiling Lights

    Embrace the beauty of your home with Philips Spot Lights


    Philips Spot Lights are a versatile and practical lighting solution available in various shapes and sizes. These spot lights exhibit a minimalistic and robust design made of premium materials for increased durability and efficiency. Philips Spot lights offer an innovative way of lighting up your home and make your space even brighter!


    View the vast range of Philips Spot Lights

    Philips Aspire & Vista Spot Lights

    The perfect choice for your home: Philips Aspire & Vista spot lights


    Light up the areas of your home extending from bedroom to kitchen with these spot lights having a modern simplistic design with a perfect finish and an adjustable head.

    Philips Deco Cob Spot Lights

    Illuminate your home with Philips Deco COB Spot light


    Enhance your home décor with the spot lights having a minimalistic design and a deep recessed COB offering a longer life and no harmful UV radiation.

    Philips Thin Trim Deep Recessed Cob Spot Lights

    Transform your homespace with Philips Thin Trim Deep Recessed COB


    Having a metal housing for longer life and a focused 36 degree beam angle these spot lights are the perefct blend of performance and efficiency for making your space come alive.

    Philips Deco Surface Cob

    Beautify your décor with Philips Deco Surface COB


    Feel inspired with these COB spot lights having a premium aluminium housing in white & black with different combinations and a range of colours to choose from.

    Philips Cob Pro Lights

    Express yourself with the elegant Philips COB Pro


    Elevate the ambience of your room with these spot lights having a super bright light spectrum and a premium white aluminium housing offering a longer life.

    Philips Surface Cob

    Modernize your homespace with Philips Surface COB


    Make every moment count with these COB lights offering premium aluminium material for better performance and heat dissipation with a brighter light output and no visible flickering.

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    Lighting plan guide

    Two people sitting at a table under task lighting
    The demands of your room lighting differ according to the size of your room - bright furnished rooms need less light than darker rooms. Indirect lighting creates a cosy atmosphere. Learn how to get the most out of your lighting with this step-by-step guide.