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    Philips LED Strips,Rope Lights & Profile Light

    Illuminate your home with mesmerizing radiance with strip and rope lighting

    Enjoy every moment with Philips LED Strips & Rope Lights


    Philips offers a range of LED strip and rope lights which are perfect for creating a modern and stylish home. Our strip and rope lights are available in a range of colours and offer a versatile way to light up your home. These strip lights offer a modern and sleek design and are equipped with the latest technology. Upgrade your home lighting today with Philips LED strip and rope lights!

    Strips and Rope Lights
    ProfileShine: 240 LED Strip Light

    Jazz up your space with Philips ProfileShine: Profile Light

    Create designs with light on any surface with Philips ProfileShine that’s perfect for profile lighting. Bright, uniform light gives you the right solution for effective profile lighting that wows everyone. Philips offers profile lighting in popular colors that that add a touch of elegance & refinement to your home.

    Transform your home with Philips CoveGlow: Strip Light

    Light up your coves and recessed spaces with uniform and gentle light from our CoveGlow strip lights. Available in multiple colors, this strip light adds the right ambience to your home, elevating your lifestyle.
    Cove Glow: 60 LED Strip Light
    Linear Light

    Stylish task lighting with Philips Linear Lights

    Dedicated linear lights are the latest in modern décor. These lights are perfect for lighting up wardrobes, kitchen cabinets, counters and other surfaces. Philips Linear Lights offer a modern & sleek design that can blend in with any décor.

    Beautify your outdoors with Philips Marathon Ultra Rope Light

    Light up your gardens, balconies and patios with the ultra-bright Marathon Ultra Rope Light. These rope lights are designed with IP65 rating, making them perfect for outdoor use, so that you can bring the magic of light to the great outdoors.
    Marathon Ultra Rope Light
    ProGlow Nxt: 264 LED Strip Light

    Express yourself with Philips ProGlow Nxt: Profile Light

    Experience premium profile lighting with ProGlow Nxt which offers the ultimate bright and uniform light output. Take home the trend of flexible profile lighting with ProGlow Nxt and experience unmatched spotless lighting.

    Turn on the right mood with Philips ColorMagic 3 in 1 Strip Light

    ColorMagic 3 in 1 is your answer for an analog color-changing strip light. These strip lights are designed to change the ambience of a room just by a toggle switch making it perfect to suit all your needs. You can choose from warm white for a homely ambience, natural white for a pleasant versatile vibe or cool day light to help you focus.
    ColorMagic 3 in 1
    What are the advantages of Philips LED strip and rope lights?
    Philips LED strip and rope lights are best in class in terms of lumens and LED counts. What this means is that the light output and the LEDs per metre of the product are both optimized for your application. We have the largest portfolio of strip and rope lights, in various LED counts, lumen packages, colors and lengths, so you will always find the product tailored to your purpose from our brand.
    What is the difference between strip lights and rope lights?

    Strip lights run on direct current (12V DC), so they are used with drivers which regulate and supply the power used to drive the strip light from an AC source. Rope lights run on alternating current (240V AC) so they are plug and play solutions which do not need drivers.

    Strip lights are IP20 rated, so they are only used for indoor applications, and rope lights are IP65 rated, so they can be used both indoors and outdoors, as they are protected against harsh weather conditions, which is not the case with IP20 rated products.

    What is the ideal LED count for my application?
    We suggest going with a 60 LEDs/m or 72 LEDs/m strip light for cove lighting applications, 240 LEDs/m or 264 LEDs/m for profile lighting applications, and for outdoor lighting, anything from a 72 LEDs/m rope light to a 120 LEDs/m one will serve the purpose well.
    Do Philips LED strip and rope lights come in different color temperatures?
    Yes, Philips LED strip and rope lights are available in a range of color temperatures, from warm white (soft, yellowish light) to cool daylight (bright, bluish light). And for some products, we have other colors like red, blue, green, aqua blue, magenta and lemon yellow. This allows you to select the color temperature that best suits your needs and desired ambiance. The packaging or product description will provide information on the specific color temperature options available for each strip or rope light.
    How long do Philips LED strip and rope lights last?
    Philips LED strip and rope lights have an impressive lifespan. On average, they can last tens of thousands of hours, which translates to many years of reliable use. The exact lifespan may vary depending on factors such as usage patterns, operating conditions, and specific models.
    Can I hardwire these lights?
    Yes, LED rope and strip lights are able to be hardwired. Due to differing Electrical Codes across the nation, please consult a licensed electrician before attempting this.
    How easy is it to work with the LED- rope/strip lights?

    For safety reasons, we would advise you to hire an electrician to work with your strip or rope lights in the case of any of the following scenarios.


    For single runs of 5m/20m/50m rope lights, you would just need to unspool the product and plug it in.


    For single runs of 5m strip lights, you would require to use a driver (sold separately) that is appropriate for the wattage of the strip light being used. Please consult your electrician on which Philips driver is to be used with the product.


    For shorter runs of rope light, you would just need to unspool the product and cut at the appropriate cut mark indicated by the scissor symbol at every 1m. You would then need to use the driver provided to connect each such section of the rope light to the main power supply.


    For strip lights, you would need to cut at the appropriate cut mark indicated by the scissor symbol at every 3cm. You would then have to use the appropriate driver for every cut section of the strip light.

    Can rope/ strip lights be cut?
    Yes, on certain products, you will find a scissor symbol at the appropriate cut increment. For rope lights, this is at every 1m, and for strip lights, it is at every 3cm.
    Can LED strip or rope lights be used outdoors?
    Yes, LED rope lights can be used indoors or outdoors, however they cannot be submerged or heavily soaked with water. LED strip lights strictly cannot be used outdoors, as they are not rated for outdoor usage.
    Can I bend LED/ strip lights?
    Yes, rope lights are more flexible than the strip lights and can be bent in all directions, however you cannot crimp the rope lights or make a sharp 90* bend. The LED rope lights are flexible enough to be wrapped around a pole or railing.

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