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    Enhance your décor with decorative floor lamps

    Find your style with our collection of decorative floor lamps

    Elevate your home décor with Philips floor lamps


    Floor lamps (or standing lamps) are an essential part of any home decor, not only providing ample lighting to the room but also add a touch of style. Philips offers a beautiful and wide collection of decorative floor lamps that cater to all styles and preferences; from stylish and modern designs to timeless and elegant options. With wide range of styles and finishes available in Philips floor lamps, you can find one that reflects your unique style and taste.The quality of the materials used in Philips floor lamps, standing lamps, ensures longevity and durability. Decorate your home with Philips floor lamps to create a warm & inviting ambience in your home, and elevate your home decor. Explore wide range of Philips deocrative floor lamps, if you are planning to create a cozy reading nook or looking to add some drama to your living room.

    Decorative floor lamp in living room
    Philips Jazz floor lamp for living room

    Perfect blend of art & functionality: Philips Jazz Floor lamp

    Philips Jazz collection is inspired from the rhythm developed from ragtime and blues & is characteriszed by propulsive synopated rhythms varying degrees of improvisation. These standing floor lamps are commanding yet sophisticated with its curved stems & shades. Philips Jazz floor lamps have a matt gold finish for a superior feel & have an adjustable height.

    A ray of class- Philips Roseate Floor lamp

    Enjoy the look of Philips Roseate floor lamp, which is perfect for home designed to inspire class. Philips Roseate floor lamp not only has a unique design but is also in-vogue & elegant. This standing floor lamp creates beautiful light patterns, with a matt gold body for a superior finish. 
    Philips 58140 Roseate floor lamp
    Philips 581878 Striker floor lamp

    Experience Art of simplicity with Philips Striker floor lamp

    You don’t always have to make a grand entrance to stand out, sometimes simple yet elegant choice makes the difference. Philips Striker floor lamp is an epitome of elegance. This floor lamp has a sleek design, emitting a warm & inviting glow that add cozy & comfortable feeling to any space. 

    Magic of Minimalism: Philips Sierra floor lamp

    Enjoy the look of this minimalist floor lamp, designed to inspire class. Philips Sierra floor lamp has a metal body with fabric shade and looks great with any décor. This standing lamp supports an E27 base bulb, with upto 40W; and is available in Black and White color options. 
    Philips 581874 Sierra floor lamp
    Philips 581875 Arc floor lamp

    Masterpiece of modern lighting design: Philips Arc floor lamp

    Philips Arc Floor Lamp is a stunning piece of modern design that brings both form and function to your space. Philips Arc floor lamp's curved, sleek lines are a visual treat, and creates a cozy reading nook in yout living room. With a metal & fabric body, Philips Arc Floor Lamp is a perfect choice for anyone looking to elevate their space with a stylish yet practical lighting solution that blends seamlessly into any decor.

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