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    Philips Basement Lighting

    Laundry room, storage room, leisure room, living room. Whatever the purpose, your basement needs brightness.

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    With no natural daylight, low celings and a lack of windows, the basements need exceptional lighting. Transform your basement into a bright space with ceiling lights, energy-efficient LEDs and accent lamps that will make it feel safe and comfortable for everyone.

    Workspace lighting tips 

    Ceiling light in a basement
    Overall brightness

    Basement ceiling light


    Classic ceiling lights are recommended in order to create enough light for a usually dark space. LED basement lights are advantageous since they are energy efficient and provide bright light 

    Ceiling light in a laundry room

    Moisture proof lights


    In laundry rooms it is crucial to install moisture proof luminaires due to the humidity.

    Ceiling light in a storage room
    Bright to find

    Storage room lights


    Pantries and storage rooms should be illuminated with bright ceiling lights.

    Clip-on lamp in a storage closet

    Storage closet lights


    You may find it useful to illuminate storage systems by wall and clip-on luminaires to ensure that you always find what you're looking for.

    Bright living room with man and woman
    Living room lights

    Basement living room


    Due to lack of daylight you should incorporate more lighting in this room than in the rest of the house. If you need more inspiration for your living room lighting click here.

    3 boys playing video games with ambiance lighting
    Mancave lighting

    Philips Hue smart light


    Create the perfect party room in your basement with Philips Hue's coloured lighting.

    Basement lighting characteristics

    Bright illumination for safety while working


    Reliability and sturdiness


    High energy efficiency


    Moisture proof in humid rooms like a laundry room


    A basement with a ceiling light

    Basement lighting videos


    Watch these videos to learn about the best kind of lighting for your basement.

    Dimmable LED bulbs

    Setting the mood with lighting

    LED color temperature color of light

    Light colour temperature