Switches & Sockets

    Grid & Cover

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    • Create impression with a Metallic touch


      Switches & Sockets

      Grid & Cover

      913713973001 Find similar products

      Add décor to your home with Philips Metallica range. See all benefits

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    Create impression with a Metallic touch

    With premium glossy & durable colored plates & inserts

    • Unique honeycomb construction

      Honeycomb construction provide the better strength to grid frames which last long.

    • Wide range to choose from

      Different sizes available to meet customer requirement.

    • Suitable for most available boxes

      Covers are designed in such a way that fits with most of the available installation boxes including the wooden boxes.

    • Flexible cover frame

      Flexible cover frames which completely flushes well even with uneven walls.

    • Front insertion & front removal

      Smart way to preserve your designer walls, remove your switch/socket without dismantle the plates. Inserts can be fixed or removed from front.

    • Glossy finish

      Glossy external finish for easy to clean and long lasting finish.

    • Safe to use even with wet hands

      No seepage of water due to precision & covered design.

    • Smooth curvy finish for easy maintenance

      Smooth curve and glossy finish doesn't not allowed dust to accumulate on surface and makes it easy to clean.

    • Guiding locators

      Guiding locators provided in grid frame to guide the insert for easy installation.

    • RoHS compliant

      All the switches/sockets are free from any hazardous substance to the environment making it safe to use.

    • Sleek design

      Sleek Design so that the product doesn’t come out too much from the wall.

    • Easy installation

      Slot for Horizontal and vertical mounting/Hanging.

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