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    Do you often find yourself stuck in a monotonous routine? A routine where all the objects in your room are the same and you start to feel you're waking up to a dull ambiance and ending your day with the same. Here are some easy hacks to transform the lighting of your room that plays a vital role in altering your mood as coloured lighting can create a positive influence on your mind by creating diverse ambiance.


    These days, smart LED lights are equipped with colour-changing capabilities and also offer a wide range of smart home functionality.

    Sets the right mood


    Lighting is known to affect the mood of a person. Your surroundings might impact you entirely differently depending on the colour of the lighting. Some colours help you feel relaxed, while others boost your energy levels. With the help of colour-changing lights, you can draw out emotions and create an ambiance that suits the mood. Whether you want to add some vibrance to your living room, create a welcoming atmosphere, or set a jazzy vibe for your house parties and festival celebrations, the multi-coloured lighting can help you do it all!

    Pendant ceiling light in living room

    Enhances the beauty of any space


    Colour-changing or mood lighting can amp up the charm of any place.


    Various types of lighting ranging from downlights to striplights can be placed at different points of interest around the home like above an artwork, in the kitchen or living room, colours can add life to anything!


    If you are redoing your home interiors, coloured lighting can also help save costs as you can create the ambiance as you like with a simple click! You can also experiment with the colours to bring out the creativity in your home.

    Pendant ceiling light in living room

    Ensures your well-being


    Light plays an important role in regulating intrinsic circadian rhythms. The intensity of these circadian rhythms can be altered with the help of colour and temperature control features in the smart lights. Light fixtures can be set to a lower intensity in the early morning, transition to a higher intensity as the day progresses, and reduce to a lower intensity in the evening. Having a lighting perfect combination with the right tones and colours can also help improve your sleep patterns.

    Pendant ceiling light in living room

    Creates an immersive environment


    With multiple colour effects, you can transform your room into an entertainment arena by linking your smart lighting system to your television, music or gaming systems. Bring the in-game environments and effects into your room with effects and flashes or experience the magic of movies from your sofa with ambient effects that perfectly compliment each film. You can also create a hub by syncing all the smart lights of your home to create an experience like never before!

    Pendant ceiling light in living room


    Philips smart lights enhance the ambiance of any space which boosts physical and mental well-being. Lighting plays an essential role in setting the perfect environment, so ditch the old white bulbs and experience the Philips smart lights to witness the immediate impact on your mood, sleep quality, productivity, health, and energy. What’s more? A welcoming ambiance will surely leave your guests stunned!


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