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    Elevate the aesthetics of your home

    Add a touch of elegance to your interiors


    Ishita Arora, Architect I N, Indore, shares her insights on how decorative lighting provides an immersive lighting experience to your homes.


    Lighting plays an important role when designing or decorating a house. Making even the slightest changes or additions to your lighting layout can have a significant impact on your home's ambiance.


    However, when we are planning the interior of our home, lighting is often considered as an afterthought rather than an integral part of it. Here are a few lighting tricks to keep lighting and the resulting ambience at the heart of your interior planning.

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    Make sure the design of the lights isn't very vibrant or loud


    It is not pleasant for anyone to sit in a room with extremely glaring lights, whether it is in the living room, dining room, bedroom, or lounge.

    Even if you are determined on purchasing a light that is brighter than normal, check to see whether it also has a dimming option so that it will be adaptable enough to be your ideal companion for all celebrations or the solemn hours you spend alone.
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    Add Elegance to your Bathroom


    Bathroom is the most intimate and engaged area of your home. As a result, its aura should always compliment your mood and provide you with a sense of comfort.


    The idea is to strike a perfect balance between aesthetics and the way one relaxes in their own company. By having the right lighting in place, one can achieve both at the same time.

    For a clean, modern & a minimalistic vibe, LED lights can be your go to. They are both beautiful & energy efficient. You may overlay several types of lighting in the bathroom to create a multidimensional experience. Layered lighting can be added to focus more near the ceiling region, leaving the lower areas softly lighted for a classier appearance. You can even include a backlit vanity portion with footlights to give your space a textured touch.
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    Change the emotions and environment of your dining room with pendant lighting


    Decorative lighting can be used anywhere you like. Pendant lights are perfect additions to a dining room lighting scheme. It will help illuminate the table from above rather than the sides, to prevent shadows being cast on the plates as you enjoy your meals. It also turns the entire dining space into a warm and inviting place. The decorative pendant lights are the best option if you are looking for an elegant lighting to compliment your decor.



    Now that you know of creative ways to brighten your space, it’s time to implement them and elevate your home’s interiors. Afterall, lights are the heart of your home.


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