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    Blog: Accent lighting ideas for a modern home

    Make your interior aesthetically appealing to leave your guests speechless!

    Here's how you can leave your guests awe-struck by using accent lighting to modernise your home


    Beautiful home decor and a strategic layout are the key elements of decorating a house but do you wish to get certain objects or spaces in your home noticed? Accent lighting plays the perfect role in highlighting artworks, fireplaces, plants, textured walls, or architectural details. It creates effective highlights and draws attention to the space or object.

    Accentuate your walls with wall lights


    A perfect addition to any room, wall lighting makes a space feel more inviting and complete thereby creating an inviting atmosphere. A great wall light not only complements but also elevates the entire milieu and mood of the house. You can explore the vast collection of wall lights designed for every mood and design.


    What’s more? You can pair your wall lights with your bulbs and get that added zing to everyday activities.

    'Philips wall lights

    Light up your space creatively with downlights


    LED downlights are embedded into the ceiling to become a seamless accessory in any room. Having a multitude of uses throughout the home, downlights are a great way to create zones, navigate around the space, and highlight key pieces in your home such as art.

    Philips Hexa-Style Downlights

    Set a vibe with light strips


    Available in a variety of colours, light strips create a powerful lighting experience. LED light strips are incredibly versatile and customizable, and they easily fit in all manner of places. Try installing them in unique places throughout your home such as shelving units to showcase your favourite books, collectables, and artwork, draw attention to family photos or enhance the overall appearance of your kitchen or bathroom by installing the lights around the cabinets. If you are looking for lighting with millions of colour options to make your lighting experience.

    Philips Strip Lights

    Bring every moment into focus with spotlights


    Spotlights are ideal for a minimalistic décor as they harmonise the atmosphere and make it feel delicate. In addition to complementing the home decor, spotlights highlight the essential things and drive attention towards the things that you want. Philips offers a range of spotlights in many designs and finishes so that you can bring out the best of your decorative items or dark spaces.

    Philips spotlights


    Explore the wide variety of versatile Philips lighting products if you are looking to transform the look and feel of your home with the perfect accent lighting. The gorgeous Philips decorative and smart lighting products add drama and character to any space making your house look aesthetically appealing!


    Check out the range of Philips lighting products

    Lighting plan guide

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    The demands of your room lighting differ according to the size of your room - bright furnished rooms need less light than darker rooms. Indirect lighting creates a cosy atmosphere. Learn how to get the most out of your lighting with this step-by-step guide.