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    EB-T Electronic ballasts for TL-D lamps (India)

    EB-T electronic ballasts for TL-D lamps

    EB-T Electronic ballasts for TL-D lamps (India)
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        Compact, lightweight, high-frequency electronic standard ballasts for TL-D 36 W/TL40 lamps


        The combination of EB-T ballast and TL-D/TL5 lamps offers a standard professional lighting system that fulfills all international norms
        25% energy saving compared with standard electromagnetic ballast system
        Protection against excessive mains voltage and incorrect terminal communications (e.g. output short)


        Flicker-free pre-heat (rapid-start) lamp ignition enables the lamps to be switched on and off without reducing useful life
        Offers low mains-current harmonic distortion of <10%
        End-of-life protection
        High power factor of 0.98
        Switching cycle 6500 times


        Areas with long hours of usage, e.g. industrial premises, airports and railway stations
        Retail and hospitality
        Office buildings and hospitals
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