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Discover how connected lighting can open-up countless opportunities for you, with insights that make cities, buildings and homes more livable, sustainable and cost-efficient. 

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OEM India LED Catalogue-BSI
issue April 2018 now available!


As always the OEM LED catalogue presents the full product portfolio of our LED modules, (smart) drivers, sensors.

Getting streetwise about outdoor lighting

Getting streetwise 
about outdoor lighting


According to Gartner, “Intelligent streetlights will be one of the most valuable pieces of real estate in the city.”[1]  But if that’s the case, most cities are still in the dark. Many authorities don’t know how many street lights they operate, at what power level and which types.


How luminaires can work smarter for all

How luminaires
can work smarter for all


We all know that lighting can be adjusted in many ways –  from daylight dimming to task tuning via manual or scheduled controls. But while it’s useful to match lighting to different personal preferences, it’s even more useful to understand how and what different settings can create.