Improved healing 

    with HealWell

    Asklepios Clinic St. Georg,

    Hamburg, Germany


    HealWell's simulated daylight sequence support the patients’ natural sleep-wake rhythm and improve the recovery process and general wellbeing.

    HealWell system at Asklepios Clinic St. Georg, Hamburg, Germany

    We offer
    5 star quality

    on our special Privita private wards. The HealWell lighting concept is simply a part of this. It creates a pleasant atmosphere for patients and staff, supports the physiological processes in the body and can be individually adapted at any time. It’s great!”


    - Dr Karl-Heinz Frosch, Senior Consultant of Orthopaedics, Asklepios Clinic St. Georg

    HealWell system at Asklepios Clinic St. Georg, Hamburg, Germany

    Customer Challenge


    The St. Georg clinic needed to completely renovate an existing 7 single room and 6 double room ward, to install facilities of 5 star quality. The challenge was to carry out the entire conversion as part of a holistic green hospital concept to deliver high-quality hospital care, meet ecological and economic aspects, and creating a positive environment for patients, doctors and care staff.


    The right lighting


    Due to its scientifically proven effect on human well-being, the innovative lighting system ‘HealWell’ was chosen. The system is designed to help regulate patients’ sleep patterns and quality, to support the recovery process and improve their general wellbeing. The turnkey solution was specially developed to improve the recovery environment in hospitals, and was adapted to meet the individual requirements of the rooms.


    HealWell is based on an intelligently networked lighting regulation system. The simulated daylight sequence in the rooms changes over the course of the day, thereby supporting patients’ natural sleep-wake rhythm.


    LED coloured light and accent lighting create a pleasant atmosphere whilst the StyliD reading lamps complete the installation.


    HealWell also provides a pleasant, functional work light for examinations by medical personnel.


    Tailored to

    the needs of patients

    The Team


    Asklepios Clinic St. Georg



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