#Future Office
Intelligent and productive workplaces made possible with LED and Zero Capex* financing plans.

*Terms and conditions apply.

Right from the start

With office lighting projects managed around the world and for the world, we enjoy handling lighting challenges and know our team can get this right for you, right from the very start.

Lighting has changed

The Edge, The Netherlands

Explore the building of the future. Connected and intelligent, enabled by Philips lighting system.

The Edge, The Netherlands

A state-of-the-art office enabled by connected lighting technology. Find out how we made it possible.

A simple and swift switch

Fit-and-forget solutions can help reduce your energy consumption easily and instantly.

For your needs today, and tomorrow

Power over Ethernet

Connected lighting systems offer a digital ceiling infrastructure that not only provides high-quality, reliable illumination, but collects information and delivers deeper insight into building usage via a smart, high-bandwidth communications platform. This gives greater control over the distribution and consumption of resources, enhancing value and savings.

Daylight harvesting

To reduce maintenance and operating costs while meeting climate change and budget objectives, innovative lighting technology for office applications can be applied to effect daylight harvesting, striking an efficient balance between natural daylight and installed energy-efficient LED lights.

Occupancy detection

Our luminaires are designed with motion sensors that detect occupancy status (via a heat-emitting source) within a monitored space, conveniently triggering the lights on and off appropriately.
This minimizes wastage and provides better space management.

Weekend lighting replacement

Lighting replacement projects need not be complex, and our hassle-free, instant-fit LED tubes and downlights are easily installed over the weekend. Leave the technical bits to us at Philips, and surprise your team next Monday with a more productive and conducive workspace!

Connected lights
Intelligent solutions

Intuitive and productive workspaces

Why Philips  connected lighting?


Save energy, utilize sensors and detectors, while getting real-time data


Get the right LED lights from the start, and reduce maintenance needs



Data-driven insights to optimize the usage of workspaces



Boost productivity with lights of high standards, perfect for each task

Instant savings
Instant productivity

Uplift productivity and reap savings

A hassle-free,  simple switch to LED

Plug and play

Installed swiftly, LED lights are simple, instant replacements to upgrade your office lighting system

Smart savings


Minimal maintenance means reduced operational costs and savings back to you

Energy efficient

Safe and energy efficient, go green and reduce your company’s carbon footprint

Increased productivity


Boost performance and improve your top line growth, achieving business excellence

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