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Lighting the way
for tunnel refurbishment

A55 Tunnel

Pen Y Clip, Wales


See how Philips provided a ground-breaking road tunnel refurbishment project with LED tunnel lighting technology and controls to meet demanding performance criteria. Philips’ ability to provide one-stop-shop delivery and commissioning was fully leveraged to deliver the project to demanding schedules with short delivery and installation/commissioning times.

Pen Y Clip


We selected the Philips luminaires and controls as they clearly met the performance criteria at the lowest installation cost, and were backed by the company’s extensive experience of delivering major tunnellighting contracts,”


 - Steve Henry, Operations Manager, SPIE

Lighting the way for tunnel refurbishment
Lighting the way for tunnel refurbishment

Customer Challenge


The previous lighting scheme in the Conwy tunnel – using fluorescent interior zone lighting with high pressure sodium boost lighting - was no longer compliant with the latest British Standards and the equipment was at the end of its design life.

Lighting the way for tunnel refurbishment

The right lighting


A co-ordinated design approach was essential to account for tunnel curvatures and to avoid clashes with other essential services such as the large ventilation fans. The lighting calculations ensure that luminaire photometric performance is fully optimised and in close correlation to BS5489- 2:2008 luminance reduction curves. The design for the Conwy Eastbound and Pen Y Clip tunnels adopts a linear approach with luminaires arranged about the centreline of the carriageway. In the Penmaenbach tunnel the new lighting is side-mounted to avoid the existing centreline lighting. The interior tunnel lighting is provided by Philips T-line LED luminaires spaced to provide constant longitudinal lighting. These are controlled via two fixed dimming stages between night and day driving conditions.