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Discover how a city has improved livability and reduced maintenance costs, energy consumption, and C02 production.

The roads of Palencia illuminated in the night

Intelligentcity is an innovative

lighting solution capable of optimizing public lighting in qualities such as livability, security, energy efficiency and reducing maintenance costs."
Man and child playing cards on street of Palencia lit by Philips lighting
People are walking around on the Palencia streets at night lit by Philips lighting

Customer challenge


Palencia’s network of obsolete street lights was expensive and inefficient to operate, and provided poor color rendering while releasing excess C02. However, although the network was clearly a drain on city finances, the city council lacked the budget to renovate 11,000 street lights.

Philips illuminated the Palencia city

The right lighting 


Seeking an affordable solution, Palencia city council sought to renew their lights through an Energy Service Company (ESCO), Clece. With the ESCO fronting the initial funds for the upgrade, Palencia would be able to pay back the investment using the savings that the new lights would afford them.


For the initial phase of renewal, 3,139 luminaires were installed. Opting for energy efficient solutions, Luma LEDs were used along the main roads and avenues of the city, while Selenium LEDs were installed in residential areas, and Villa LEDs were added in the old quarter of the city. The luminaires were connected with Starsense RF control nodes to CityTouch control software, enabling remote control of lighting by area.


The difference is night and day. Lowered energy consumption means huge economic and environmental benefits for the council, who can easily control light levels in different areas via CityTouch. The new luminaires provide high quality light with excellent color rendering, enhancing feelings of safety and comfort. As a result, livability in Palencia has been significantly improved for visitors and citizens alike.



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The Team

Municipality of Palencia


Raquel López

Project leaders - Philips

Gabriel Rubí

Project leaders - Palencia City Council

Jaime Pontigo

Project leaders - Clece

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