Eco friendly
area lighting for cities

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Kolkata, India


Philips partners HIDCO by providing energy saving LED lighting for lighting up different areas around Kolkata.

Use of LEDs
will bring

down our consumption of electricity by more than 50%. I could have a clean city with less power consumption. Everywhere we are shifting to LEDs as they are cooler and also provide very high energy savings. We are happy with the way this project was executed by Philips."


- Debashis Sen, IAS, Chairman, HIDCO

Customer challange


New Town Kolkata is a satellite town of Kolkata and HIDCO is developing this new town as a eco friendly city. They wanted a lighting partner who could meet various lighting needs of this growing satellite town.

The right lighting


Philips partnered with HIDCO by providing a range of energy efficient street lighting, area lighting, landscape lighting and façade lighting solutions which are providing better light output with reduced power consumption. The color changing dynamic LED lighting at Banglarhat has been widely appreciated by people living in the area.

GreenLine Xtra

With this lastest LED streetlighting system, you get > 50% energy savings, long life and good light output

Color Kinetics

CK LED lighting system gives endless possibilities of creating dynamic lighting effects while consuming very low power

Lumos Bollards

With its aesthetically appealing design it is a perfect landscape lighting solution for modern cities and residential areas

LED lighting that
attracts people

The Team


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