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National Union of Students
United Kingdom


Philips Lighting was able to give NUS predictable lighting costs over a 15-year period with a ‘Pay per lux’ solution.

National Union of Students - London, United Kingdom

Pay per lux

us to delegate managing the lighting, while giving us predictable costs"."

– Jamie Agombar, Ethical Manager, NUS
National Union of Students - London, United Kingdom
National Union of Students - London, United Kingdom

Customer Challenge


The goal was to outsource service management to experts, and to ensure high-level lighting performance in terms of light levels and energy consumption.

National Union of Students - London, United Kingdom

The right lighting


Discussions between the NUS and Philips led to the creation of a ‘Pay Per Lux’ solution, whereby Philips retains responsibility for the performance of the lighting over a 15 year period and the NUS pays for the energy consumed through a quarterly fee. The solution encompasses a total service and warranty solution that fits within the 15 year timescale of the contract.

The “Pay per Lux” proposition helps the organization take advantage of LED lighting while minimizing energy costs far into the future, without a major capital outlay. The solution is also future proof as Philips replace lights during the life of the contract with the latest LED technology. The lighting is monitored online with annual reports on pre-defined metrics (KPI) shared with the National Union of Students, easing control over fixtures and cutting maintenance costs exponentially.

Managed Services


We provide complete end-to-end solutions – quickly, cost-effectively, and with minimal disruption to your business. You won’t need to deal with a multitude of suppliers or contractors. And if you’ve already got a team in place, we’ll work with them to ensure everything runs to plan.

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