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    Connected lighting components - light beyond illumination

    Light beyond illumination

    Because light is all around us, the lighting infrastructure is an ideal platform for collecting and carrying information. This is the driving force behind connected lighting. By developing and manufacturing components for connected lighting, Philips smooths your path into this dynamic world; a world that exploits the full potential of the Internet of Things (IoT). Luminaires built using our drivers and sensors have the potential to increase energy efficiency and provide data that helps manage buildings in a space-efficient and environmentally friendly way.

    Philips components for connected lighting smooth your path into the dynamic and rapidly growing world of connected lighting.

    Xitanium SR Drivers and EasyAir sensors

    Our growing portfolio of connected components for luminaires is spearheaded by the Philips Xitanium SR Drivers, Philips EasyAir Sensors and Philips Field Apps for control and configuration via a smartphone. All work seamlessly with each other.

    Xitanium SR Drivers and EasySense sensors - connected lighting

    Field configuration with Philips Field Apps


    The sensors are easily configured in the field using Philips Field Apps. Occupancy and daylight harvesting parameters are easily set with a user-friendly Android smartphone app. The app is used to configure sensor parameters via infrared and NFC, commission groups of sensors, and read-out energy data and number of burning hours. In the factory and warehouse, the drivers can also be wirelessly configured using MultiOne and SimpleSet® technology.

    field configuration with philips field apps - Connected lighting
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    The SR Certified program

    If you're an OEM looking for connected lighting functionality beyond the basic capabilities of our components, the place to start is our SR Certified Partner program. It includes all companies whose components and sensors have been certified as being compatible with Philips Xitanium SR drivers.


    It's a seal of approval to help you find partners to supply complementary components for your connected luminaires.


    sensor ready certified program