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    wireless sensors

    easysense wireless sensors save energy

    EasyAir wireless sensors save energy

    The switch from conventional to LED lighting already brings considerable energy savings. Incorporating our EasyAir wireless sensors into luminaires takes the potential savings to an even higher level. Sensors enable presence detection and sunlight harvesting, which when used in combination, can generate savings of up to 50%. By providing presence and daylight sensing in a single unit, Philips EasyAir are perfect for connected lighting. They use wireless communication, reducingcabling and are suitable for renovation projects as well as new installations. Offices, meeting rooms, corridors and open-plan spaces can benefit from the energy-saving and enhanced operational efficiency of connected lighting.

    Easy to design-in


    Philips EasyAir wireless sensors are single-box, luminaire-mounting devices with simple two-wire connection that are easy to design-in. Powered from the Xitanium SR LED Driver, the sensors eliminate the need for extra boxes or modules in the luminaire or ceiling cavity.

    easy to design-in - wireless sensors

    Easy to configure


    Configuration can be carried out before installation using SimpleSet and on-site via Philips Field Apps for Android smartphones. Communication is via Zigbee protocol, which makes it possible to have groups of sensors working as a single unit and create different scenes for specific applications, such as a presentation mode in a meeting room. The newest addition to the range is the EasyAir Advanced Grouping SNS200 group dimming sensor.

    easy to configure - wireless sensors

    Presence and daylight sensing in one sensor

    The newly introduced EasyAir Advanced Grouping SNS200 represents a breakthrough in sensor applications as it enables groups of sensors to work together and communicate with each other without additional wires between luminaires. Having just one sensor for daylight and occupancy sensing makes control per luminaire more practical as well as eliminating clutter in the ceiling. The same luminaire can now be used in multiple cases to consolidate the number of items specified.

    EasySense 09 Small - wireless sensors

    Product overview

    xitanium sr driver 36w

    Xitanium SR driver 36W

    The 36W Xitanium SR driver is ideally suited for use with EasyAir or other SR Certified components to build connected lighting solutions with integrated sensor power supply, power metering and diagnostics.
    xitanium sr driver 75w

    Xitanium SR driver 75W

    The 75W Xitanium SR driver is ideally suited for use with EasyAir or other SR Certified components to build connected lighting solutions with integrated sensor power supply, power metering and diagnostics.
    easysense advanced grouping sns200

    EasyAir Advanced Grouping SNS200

    EasyAir Advanced Grouping SNS200 has onboard Zigbee and infrared communication to enable Advanced Grouping behavior in offices. It offers a perfect solution for applications where multiple luminaires need to be grouped together to respond to motion and daylight changes.

    Field configuration with Philips Field Apps


    The sensors are easily configured in the field using Philips Field Apps. Occupancy and daylight harvesting parameters are easily set with a user-friendly Android smartphone app. The app is used to configure sensor parameters via infrared and NFC, commission groups of sensors, and read-out energy data and number of burning hours. In the factory and warehouse, the drivers can also be wirelessly configured using MultiOne and SimpleSet® technology.

    field configuration with philips field apps
    google play

    The SR Certified program


    If you are looking for connected lighting functionality beyond the basic capabilities of our components, the place to start is our SR Certified Partner program. This growing list covers building management systems, city management systems, and sensor and control manufacturers that are certified to work with Philips Xitanium SR LED drivers. We ensure all partners’ products and services work seamlessly with our connected lighting components. It’s a seal of approval to help you find partners to supply complementary components for your connected luminaires.

    The SR Certified Partner program is a foundation for a successful partnership.

    sensor ready certified program