Driving connected lighting

Choose SR Certified to drive compatibility  

Philips has recently launched a comprehensive set of Xitanium SR drivers for indoor and outdoor application segments. The Xitanium SR drivers offer great benefits for Lighting Management Systems. To ensure full system component full interoperability, Philips provides SR Certification.


The performance of SR products is tested and certified to eliminate any interface problems. This means you can offer connected lighting solutions without having to worry about software capabilities and system investments.


We have a growing list of SR certified products that are compatible with Philips Xitanium SR LED drivers. They cover a wide range of connected lighting solutions from trusted providers of sensor and connectivity modules, building management systems and city management systems.


To support the development of SR certified components, Philips has launched the SR partner program. SR partners receive all required details of the Xitanium SR driver interface for electrical and DALI data exchange protocols. Philips also provides test and verification tests and successfully tested products can be recognised via the SR Certified logo.


sensor ready xitanium sr led drivers - connected lighting

SR Partner Program*



CP Electronics Ltd.
Philips CityTouch
Magnum Energy Solutions
eSave AG
Digital Lumens
SpaceLayer Technologies
Lucy Zodion
*List of all partners who have signed SR agreement

Released SR Certified products **

SR Partner

SR certified product

CP Electronics
Sensotec sensor SR HF2, Sensotec sensor SE PIR
Luxon IoT node
CS-D2, FS-D22
eSave AG
eSave SLC-DC and SLC-DC GPS, eSave SLC-AC and SLC-AC GPS
CitySense+ 115Vac MP Grey, CitySense+ 230Vac MP Black, CitySense+ 230Vac MP Grey, CitySense+ 230Vac MP Thorn
SkyLite External 115Vac HP, SkyLite External 115Vac MP, SkyLite External 230Vac HP, SkyLite External 230Vac MP, SkyLite Internal 115Vac HP, SkyLite Internal 115Vac MP, SkyLite Internal 230Vac HP, SkyLite Internal 230Vac MP
Lucy Zodion
PrecizionHALO photocell
iSLC3400 DC photocell
Digital Lumens
Vive Integral Fixture Control DFCSJ-OEM-OCC and DFCSJ-OEM-RF
Magnum Energy Solutions

**For a complete and up to date list of all SR compliant products we recommend to visit the websites of the SR partners


sensor ready xitanium sr led drivers - connected lighting

Compatibility with outdoor CMS systems


In the outdoor segment, the preferred option is to apply the SR driver in combination with the SR connector for both the CMS nodes and potentially additional sensors. However, in existing installations it can be requested to release the combination of the SR driver and 7 pin NEMA socket. The combination of SR driver and NEMA socket requires special attention and a full system verification is advised to avoid high customer dissatisfaction and significant costs to repair.


Compatibility with SR sensors


When SR certified sensor is applied in combination with CMS/BMS or second sensor, the CMS/BMS and/or sensor supplier must release the combination to ensure that the sensor will work seamlessly in the CMS/BMS or with the second sensor. For movement detection and other light control sensors, proper master-slave algorithm software needs to be included in the CMS/BMS to ensure consistent light behavior. CMS/BMS suppliers need to support sensors to allow that sensor data can be uploaded and made available in the CMS/BMS dashboard or API. Application owners need to inform their CMS/BMS supplier on SR sensor addition plans accordingly. CMS release of SR certified sensors is the responsibility of the CMS/BMS supplier.

Simplified Luminaire Design

The Xitanium SR LED driver simplifies the integration of sensors and controllers into luminaires because it does much more than provide power conversion for LED lighting. Many existing LED drivers require additional control boxes and power supplies. Via a unified interface and integrated functionality, the Xitanium SR LED driver makes many of these external components redundant, reducing complexity and cost. Standard DALI 2.0 communications between driver and sensor means that you can choose from a wide range of connected solution providers (from our SR Certified Partner program) to design the solution that’s right for you and your customers.

The Xitanium SR LED driver reduces the cost and complexity of sensor-ready luminaires
xitanium sr led driver - connected lighting - simplified design

Driving connected lighting


The Xitanium SR LED driver brings lighting into the Internet of Things (IoT). Through the operational data it collects, connected lighting brings exciting new possibilities and value to businesses. By sharing data like energy consumption and office occupancy patterns, every luminaire becomes a node within a connected lighting system. This data is valuable to building management systems. The Xitanium SR LED driver offers a simple and cost-effective way of stepping into the connected world.

The Xitanium SR LED Driver offers a cost-effective pathway to connected lighting

driving connected lighting

Simplicity for all

For building system providers and installers, a luminaire designed around the Xitanium SR LED driver represents a breakthrough in cost per node. Most components are assembled during manufacture, saving time during on-site installation. Potential installation errors are also reduced. With appropriate sensors such as the Philips EasyAir, you can build solutions that provide end-users with very specific and actionable data that facilitates daylight harvesting, boosts business efficiency and optimizes energy usage.

The Xitanium SR LED driver also brings benefits to installers and end users.

simplicity for all - wireless connected lighting

In line with your requirements


  • Cost effectiveness – fewer components, lower supply chain complexity and less installation/maintenance time
  • Design-in simplicity – open standard connectivity (DALI 2.0 based) lets you choose sensors and network partners
  •  Functional versatility – can be connected to a huge range of sensors for flexible system integration
  •  Luminaire-based data collection – gather valuable sensor data and send it wirelessly to the network
  •  Installation efficiency – fewer components reduces wiring in the ceiling, meaning less time on the ladder
in line with your requirements

Product overview

xitanium sr driver 36w

Xitanium SR driver 36W

The 36W Xitanium SR driver is ideally suited for use with EasyAir or other SR Certified components to build connected lighting solutions with integrated sensor power supply, power metering and diagnostics.
xitanium sr driver 75w

Xitanium SR driver 75W

The 75W Xitanium SR driver is ideally suited for use with EasyAir or other SR Certified components to build connected lighting solutions with integrated sensor power supply, power metering and diagnostics.
easysense advanced grouping sns200

EasyAir Advanced Grouping SNS200

EasyAir Advanced Grouping SNS200 has onboard Zigbee and infrared communication to enable Advanced Grouping behavior in offices. It offers a perfect solution for applications where multiple luminaires need to be grouped together to respond to motion and daylight changes.

Field configuration with Philips Field Apps


The sensors are easily configured in the field using Philips Field Apps. Occupancy and daylight harvesting parameters are easily set with a user-friendly Android smartphone app. The app is used to configure sensor parameters via infrared and NFC, commission groups of sensors, and read-out energy data and number of burning hours. In the factory and warehouse, the drivers can also be wirelessly configured using MultiOne and SimpleSet® technology.

field configuration with philips field apps
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