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    Outdoor Drivers

    Xitanium adjustable output, dimmable and programmable Drivers


    Philips Xitanium 1-10V dimmable single current LED drivers offer value for money with key features. Programmable drivers deliver high performance, protection and configurability. This portfolio offers wide input voltage and different dimming protocols. The Xtreme technology ensures maximum robustness and protection with a very long lifetime. Configuration of programmable drivers can be done via DALI and MultiOne software.

    Maximum flexibility, unlocking design constraints
    xitanium led xtreme single output current

    Key benefits

    • Peace of mind on product performance
    • Luminaire lifetime reliability with automatic dimming at critical temperature levels
    • Design flexibility: one driver can be programmed for different luminaire designs - choose the current that is optimal for your LED PCB
    • Improved logistics
    • Future-proof, prepared for LED efficacy upgrades
    • Additional energy savings through dimming
    • Easy fixture integration
    • High thermal margin for easy design-in
    • Can be connected to control systems via 1-10V
    • Lifetime minimum 50,000 hours, withstanding harsh outdoor & industry conditions