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    Xitanium Drivers

    Confidence for those who need it most

    Intense heat, cold, hail, lightning, dust clouds: outdoor and industrial luminaires must withstand unpredictable conditions in addition to everyday stress resulting from varying temperatures, moisture, and external contact. Philips knows how to meet these challenges.

    Products in this family

    Philips Xitanium LED drivers are designed to meet EESL and other Outdoor project specifications. Our robust drivers are specifically designed to withstand high temperature, over-voltages, powerful vibrations, high dust and moisture levels, and surges of up to 6kV with minimum 50,000 hour lifetime. The fixed current output range consist of extremely reliable, robust drivers with low failure rates providing high confidence for those that need it most.


    For ultimate performance and maximum flexibility, you choose programmable LED drivers for features like DynaDimmer, CLO, and current setting with SimpleSet – an effortless way to configure the driver without turning it on. A new standard for outdoor luminaire durability and efficiency.

    The Philips Xitanium LED drivers with single output current provide constant current output, optimal for a single string of LEDs.







    Philips Xitanium 1-10V dimmable single current LED drivers offer value for money with key features. Programmable drivers deliver high performance, protection and configurability. This portfolio offers wide input voltage and different dimming protocols. The Xtreme technology ensures maximum robustness and protection with a very long lifetime. Configuration of programmable drivers can be done via DALI and MultiOne software.
    The Philips Surge Protection Devices are the ideal solution to the challenge of using LEDs in Outdoor lighting. The SPD protects the complete system against high surges that can occur due to for example lighting strikes. Essential for LED systems installed in high-risk areas, the advantages of using the SPD are not limited only to LED systems. The product can be used in any new or existing lighting solution, regardless of technology.

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    Extreme Drivers

    Reliability, flexibility and connectivity are the 3 pillars of our Xitanium outdoor LED drivers even though they have to face harsh conditions. To learn more about our products, watch this video.