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    The illuminated trapeze artist


    We love a bit of live performance and interactive art here at Future of Light, as you know. So we were really excited to spot this installation by Italian collective Fuse*.

    Titled Ljós, the installation features trapeze artist and choreographer Elena Annovi performing against an LED backdrop. The screen reacts to Annovi’s movements to generate visuals and also sound. The result is a display that seems physically attached to the performer.


    |Ljós| - fuse* feat. Elena Annovi (Official Trailer) from fuse* on Vimeo.


    As described by Fuse*, “Ljós is the translation of the latent elements of dreams into visible contents.
The body is the medium through which the connections between light, sound and movement are explored, leading the spectator into an unreal space, rarefied and disorientating.”


    We think it’s a stunning example of how light, sound and movement can interact to create an art form of its own.


    What do you imagine might be possible if we could combine light, sound and movement?