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    PSV is the first in the Dutch premiere league to kick off under all LEDs


    Your next visit to the PSV stadium in Eindhoven, the Netherlands will be even better thanks to a total lighting makeover, making it the first top division stadium in the Netherlands to go completely LED.

    Toon Gerbrands, General Manager of PSV, had the following to say:

    “Innovation is paramount at PSV. We’re thrilled that we’ve achieved an innovation premiere with our new LED stadium lighting. The system gives us the flexibility to transform the stadium experience and make a visit even more exciting for our fans. The boundless potential of LED lighting has been integrated into our game-time entertainment, allowing light, sound and video to optimally reinforce the other.”

    PSV, champions in the highest division of Dutch soccer, debuted the new lighting with a spectacular light show, delighting fans from across the country. Philips ArenaVision is the first LED lighting that meets the strict requirements of international television broadcasters and sports federations. This smart innovation means that both fans in the stadium and viewers at home have a better view of the action and the emotions of the players on the field.

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