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    Light from above: images by Vincent Laforet 


    Light is transforming our cities in striking ways – and the view couldn’t be better than from high above the earth. In his new book, AIR, photographer Vincent Laforet explores the unique connection between urban areas, psychology and light. By capturing aerial images of the pulsating energy of cities at night, Laforet has stirred a visceral reaction in people around the world.

    View of New York City, Times Square in Manhattan, USA – According to Laforet’s observations, the images are bright and colorful in the city’s modern parts where lighting has evolved.

    Manhattan, New York City
    View of New York City, Financial District in Manhattan, USA. Architecture plays a huge role, according to Vincent Laforet – ‘Some buildings like the new World Trade Tower, radiate light. Others reflect light, and some architects project light on to the buildings.’
    Tower Bridge, Thames River
    View of Tower Bridge crossing the Thames River in the heart of London. Laforet was most surprised by the images of London: ‘When I’d flown over before, I’d been unimpressed. But, perhaps because of the Olympics-related modernization, London is now unbelievably impressive at night.’
    Las Vegas, Nevada
    View of Las Vegas, Nevada, USA - light in the night. Laforet’s images are meant to bring the world closer. ‘… we forget the world is smaller than we think. We’re all much more connected than we realize and nowhere is this more apparent than up in the air.’

    Read the full interview to find out more about Mr. Laforet’s ideas on how light is changing cities and what we can see when viewing them from above.