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    Light cycle: improving safety for cyclists with light


    Many people, around the world, cycle to and from work every day as it’s a cheaper, often quicker and healthier alternative to cars or public transport. Many more people would like to start, but are maybe concerned about staying safe on the road.


    When it comes to road safety, it’s all about visibility. Thanks to LED and connected lighting, it’s possible to see - and be seen - at any time of day or night. Here are just a few ways in which lighting is helping create more safety on the roads.

    Your own cycle lane


    We’ve spoken before about the XFire BikeLane. The tail light projects two red laser beams on to the road either side of the bike. You can expand your ‘lane’ depending on how the unit is angled, and also flash the beams.

    This is a great option if cycling in an area that doesn’t have clear or easily visible cycle lanes. It’s also brilliant for indicating to drivers that they need to pay attention, especially if you set the beams to flash.


    Cycle lights brighter than headlights


    Often, cycle lights can provide poor levels of light owing to their power consumption. The Orfos Flare lights, however, use the low consumption of LED to provide light as bright as any car light at night.


    At 500 lumens for the headlight, and 300 lumens for the red tail light, you should be seen easily by any driver.


    Let drivers know that yes, you’re a cyclist


    We might assume that all drivers will see a bike-rider’s headlight, and appreciate that there is a cyclist up ahead or alongside… but that’s not always the case. Enter the Blaze Laserlight, which projects a clearly-visible cycle icon on to the road.

    This simple-yet-innovative device leaves no room for doubt that there’s a cyclist - and will hopefully remind drivers to be more aware of who they are sharing the road with.


    LED-integrated clothing


    It should be no surprise that wearable technology is a major way of improving the visibility of cyclists on the road. However, a regular bugbear of cyclists is that high-viz clothing doesn’t look very attractive, and often isn’t even high-viz.


    That’s something Nightro Athletic are looking to combat with their LED Activewear of the Future. The LED comes in the form of a single light on the shoulder that reflects on to a larger high-viz panel, that can be seen clearly whether on the road or running alongside it.


    In addition, the activewear itself is designed primarily with usability in mind, so no carrying around heavy batteries that need charging every five minutes.


    We realize that increasing the visibility of cyclists is just one of several considerations in making their daily journey a safer one. But we hope that some of these lighting innovations could combine with ideas such as wider and more clearly-marked cycle lanes, or motion sensors attached to vehicles, to improve road safety for everyone.


    How would you like to see LED used to make the roads safer for cyclists, drivers and everyone else who uses them?  Let us know what you think in the comments below.