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    7 ways lighting can enhance your stadium experience


    Close your eyes. You hear the roar of the crowd. Vendors shuffle by hawking wares, food. You smell nachos, hotdogs, popcorn. The excitement is intense and giddy. But when you open your eyes the field is dim, the crowd was much more vibrant in your imagination, food smelled better than it looks and the entire experience is diminished. Little do you know that the light in and around the stadium has an ever-growing impact on your experience.

    Here are 7 ways lighting makes a difference:

    1. Bring the party outside
    7 ways lighting can enhance your stadium experience
    Even if you can’t get tickets to the big game, the stadium itself is more frequently a part of the show. Stadiums around the world, like Madison Square Garden in New York City, bring the party outside with lighting that reflects what’s going on inside. Whether showing who has scored, who is winning, or which fans are making the most noise, the show outside can be tons of fun as well.

    2. Instant replay just got better

    7 ways lighting can enhance your stadium experience
    Don’t you hate it when you’re certain you saw the ball out but the ref saw it in? Instant replay is affected by stadium lighting and now some of the guesswork (and fan frustration) can be alleviated. Improved LED technology results in a much more even distribution of light and this aids referees and officials by providing the clearest pictures to analyze the play. Often the outcome of the call (and the game) depends on it.

    3. The ref no longer needs his glasses

    7 ways lighting can enhance your stadium experience
    While sportsmanship is vital and hooliganism should be avoided, insults to the ref about needing glasses abound. But what if the ref no longer needed glasses? Current lighting technology enables fans and referees alike to see better! Crisper, brighter LED light means fewer shadows and less glare, which takes some of the guesswork out of the referee’s call. This is especially important during soccer matches, as FIFA still does not permit video evidence as a deciding factor in the game.

    4. Watching the game at home is just as good

    7 ways lighting can enhance your stadium experience
    Did you know that much of the new LED technology has a bigger impact on how viewers experience the game at home rather than in the stadium? Flicker and glare free technology help cameras capture the action and provide the clearest image possible to viewers at home. With traditional halide lights, broadcasters have to constantly adjust the camera’s aperture to open as wide as possible to let enough light in. This limits high definition capabilities. New technology means details are sharp and super-slow motion replays are clear, especially from the comfort of your own couch.

    5. TV stations rake in the big bucks

    7 ways lighting can enhance your stadium experience
    OK, maybe this one isn’t enhancing your experience, but it’s no secret that when companies make money, they are more willing to invest in the technology necessary to make the experience better for fans as well. Lighting is an ever more important part of the stadium experience, and when TV stations can offer the best possible image to their viewers at home, those in the stands benefit as well.

    6. Food looks better

    7 ways lighting can enhance your stadium experience
    Lighting technology enhances the way your food looks. The bright orange of the nacho cheese, the glistening butter atop your popcorn, a hotdog with all the fixings… tasty as they may be, your enjoyment is still affected by the way your food looks. LEDs on the pitch and in the stands ensure colors are true and your game-time meal looks as good as it tastes.

    7. Increased drama

    7 ways lighting can enhance your stadium experience
    While who wins or loses is of utmost importance, your experience during the game impacts your overall enjoyment as well. Even a poor performance can be (somewhat) remedied with some fun or dramatic light effects. The instant-on brightness of LED’s means the lights can go from pitch black to full brightness in seconds. At the Ekinox Arena in Lyon, the newly installed lighting can provide a sudden light show, a dramatic pre-game player introduction, or lead the wave to encourage fan interaction. No matter how you use it, LED makes the game even more exciting.

    So next time you’re watching your favorite team beat its biggest rival, either from home or in the stands, think about the impact of light and how it is enhancing your experience.