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    Media Architecture Biennale goes down under


    Founded in 2008, the Media Architecture Biennale (MAB), a large arts event held every two years, serves as a global platform for architects, designers, artists, and others to discuss creative ideas and learn about the future of media architecture. Guests have access to conferences, exhibitions, awards ceremonies, symposiums, and more.

    This year, MAB is going down under in Sydney, Australia from June 1-4, 2016 with a theme of ‘digital place-making.’ The goal? To bring together industry experts to examine the role that technology and digital media play in turning urban environments into smart cities.

    'Media Architecture Biennale
    Skillfully versed in light and its relationship with public spaces, Susanne Seitinger, global sub-segment manager for open spaces and professional lighting systems at Philips Lighting, will be one of this year’s keynote speakers. Seitinger will focus her presentation around her publication, ‘Light for Public Spaces,’  which showcases hundreds of cities that are using light to become intelligent, connected, and future-proof. Susanne is joined by many other exceptional keynote speakers, including Carlo Ratti, director of the Senseable City Lab at MIT who is conducting research partially funded by Philips.

    In addition, MAB16 will be held in conjunction with Vivid Sydney, a 23-day festival of light, music, and ideas.