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    When wind becomes light


    Windlicht, the latest work by Daan Roosegaarde and his team of designers and engineers, explores the unique connection between the Dutch landscape and green energy. In a country known for its progressive attitude towards sustainability, the idea of green energy has been around for thousands of years. Yet the concept and the Dutch landscape are changing. To draw attention to these changes, Roosegaarde and his team wished to demonstrate the “beauty of green energy.” In the darkness, green blades of light dance across windmill blades in St. Annaland, Zeeland.  Unique software and tracking technology can detect the windmill blades moving at a brisk 280 km/hr. 

    Inspired by Kinderdijk, a collection of 19 iconic windmills in the South of Holland dating back to 1740, Roosegaarde wished to draw from this early example of Dutch innovation. In doing so, he is connecting with the current landscape and creating a positive image around green technology, a driving force behind all of Roosegaarde’s work.


    His goal was to “give green energy the allure it deserves.” To further the experience, visitors can tune into radio channel WINDLICHT FM 105.3 FM to hear the stories behind the artwork.

    Daan Roosengaarde windmills and light

    After its debut in the Netherlands, this artwork will travel to new locations around the world.


    To learn more about Roosegaarde and the work that drives him and his team, click here.

    Daan Roosengaarde windmills and light