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    Flower Power - roses grown using LEDs


    Romantics throughout the ages agree – red roses are the go-to flower to express love. Throughout history the rose has appeared in poetry, literature, and contemporary films, with the red rose being the quintessential symbol to express one’s deepest affection. But while it may be the flower of love, roses are one of the most light-intensive flowers in the world, often requiring 4000-5000 light hours in a year. For growers, this means that in order to keep up with romantic demand, they must focus on the size of their yield and the quality of their blooms. Luckily many have found a solution in Philips GreenPower LED toplighting. This LED system brings more light for the same amount of energy, optimized light spectrum and a significant reduction in radiated heat.

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    Around since July of 2015, Philips GreenPower LED toplighting allows growers to give crops the optimum light levels, reducing radiated heat and increasing yields. Plant quality is improved because each plant gets the right light spectrum for optimal growth and development. Growers can also reduce operational costs, seeing up to 42% energy savings compared to high pressure sodium systems that have been prevalent in the market.

    “With LED toplighting, I can switch on my LED separately so less heat is produced, meaning we don’t have to vent off excess heat and can leave the windows closed longer,” Wim Scheers, owner of Scheers Nursery said. “Keeping air inside reduces my costs, and also helps me maintain a better balance because I’m not constantly having to add extra CO² to compensate for what’s going out the window. I will be able to light my plants for more hours without raising the crop temperature and retain more CO² which will increase my crop growth and thereby increase my quality or yields.”

    While romance and practicality don’t often go hand-in-hand, we think a lighting system that helps produce a greater yield and a higher quality of such a historically romantic flower will make everyone happy.

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