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    Biomimicry: design inspired by nature


    Understanding how light is gathered, focused and distributed in nature can help us solve complex design problems. This understanding coupled with the use of biological algorithms can aid the development of lighting solutions that use resources more efficiently and are more adaptable to future challenges.

    Connected Street Lighting

    TED speaker and Director at Exploration Architecture Limited, Michael Pawlyn is an expert on biomimicry, an approach to innovation that focuses on sustainable solutions to human challenges by mimicking nature’s proven patterns and strategies. The goal of biomimicry is to create products, processes and policies that are well-adapted to life on earth over a long period of time.

    In Biomimicry: design inspired by nature, you will discover how light is gathered, focused and distributed in biology, how biological algorithms can help us solve complex design problems, and how this novel approach can help us move towards truly regenerative lighting designs. This webinar is AIA and RIBA approved. 

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