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    A dazzling collection shining on the runway


    Fashion week provides the opportunity to experiment, and that is just what Dutch fashion designer Jef Montes did when he developed a unique collection, showcasing a piece specially designed for Philips Lighting.

    A Dazzling Collection Shining on the Runway
    Inspired by Philips CrispWhite retail lighting, Montes’ Illuminosa & Velero collection uses materials such as fiberglass and nylon to create striking reflections of light on the garments.

    Montes’ collection was created expressly to showcase the possibilities of white LED retail lighting, with spectacular effects.

    Throughout his career, Montes has been fascinated by light memory materials and the reflection of light on different surfaces and for this collection he studied how light interacts with his designs.

    The collection was first unveiled at House of Fraser’s London flagship store on Oxford Street, and will also be on show at the Light and Building show in Frankfurt in March.
    A Dazzling Collection Shining on the Runway
    Philips CrispWhite uses the latest LED lighting technology to enhance retail settings by making whites appear whiter and colors seem more vibrant.

    “Light plays an important factor in making my collections and white light is extremely important to achieve the right effect,” said Dutch fashion design, Jef Montes. “The white LED light from Philips CrispWhite creates interesting light reflections on the materials with the lines of the outfits clearly distinguished by the white light.”