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    One for light, light for all 


    The CLUE competition, an annual celebration of the best in lighting, launches its third edition under the theme One for Light, Light for All. CLUE invites new and emerging members of the industry to reflect on the possibilities for extending the personalization of private spaces to the personalization of public spaces. Candidates are given carte blanche to propose innovative lighting solutions relating to this theme by January 31, 2017, the deadline for submissions.

    Winners will be selected by a jury of professionals representing various positions within the international lighting and design community. In addition to a global platform, winners will receive one of three grants totaling $8,500, as well as a trip to Philadelphia for LIGHTFAIR® International 2017.


    If you’re fascinated and passionate about the marriage between lighting and design, CLUE’s annual competition is your chance to showcase your creativity and talent.


    Learn more about the theme here.

    CLUE competition Philips Lighting University

    About CLUE

    Proudly sponsored by Philips Lighting University, CLUE (Community Lighting for the Urban Environment) is a competition targeted at the community of students and professionals in lighting and design. Its goal is to encourage the next generation in this industry – college and university students, as well as young professionals – to develop ground-breaking concepts for interior and exterior spaces, to stimulate innovative ideas, and to recognize the creators of those ideas.


    For further information on the competition, visit our web site at or follow our social media accounts.

    CLUE competition Philips Lighting University