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    Light Forest and Lightfall: new ways to experience light


    Dynamic, experiential, interactive, immersive… these are all words used to describe two new innovative light installations at the Kazerne, a gallery and creative hub located in Eindhoven, the Netherlands. Both projects are creative explorations of the human connection with light and aim to push the boundaries of how we experience it.

    Light Forest


    A scattering of light on the forest floor, filtered through the tree canopy above, twinkling and joyous, bringing a sense of peace. This is a walk in the woods on a sunny day, but creating this natural scene using artificial light and materials was the challenge. Rising to the task, the team at lighting design firm BCXSY succeeded in creating such an experience using Philips Luminous Patterns – and achieved the dappled, glimmering light effects using dynamic programming. The goal was to create a light experience that encouraged people to step away from their traditional ideas of a “light fixture” and move towards seeing the possibilities of embedding light directly into the surfaces that surround us.


    “Embedded lighting will change the future of architectural lighting.” Brad Koerner

    Lightfall and Light Forest installations at Kazerne in Eindhoven



    Exploring the experiential and interactive possibilities of light and sound is central to the work of Philips Lighting designers Paul Thursfield and Simon Rycroft.


    Enabled by Philips Color Kinetics LED lighting, Lightfall is the third in a series of installations that let people creatively express themselves by conducting reactive, immersive environments.


    Step into Lightfall and you’re immersed in a circular curtain of cascading light. Move further to the center, into a circle of light, and your movements are captured and reflected back in a unique play of light and sound.


    "It's been amazing to to watch the different ways that people experience the work – we want to see what happens when people can play light with light in expressive and intuitive ways" Simon Rycroft

    Lightfall at the Kazerne in Eindhoven