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    Historic landmark gets LED makeover


    Located in the center of downtown Buenos Aires, the Obelisk is a national historic monument and icon in the city - the perfect location for colorful, statement-making LED lighting. 

    To correspond with the 80th anniversary of the monument, the city chose to accentuate the structure with 48 ColorReach 2 RGB luminaires, allowing for remote management of the lighting and countless color options. The imposing monument can now be lit up to celebrate national holidays, special celebrations, or other important events. 
    Historic obelisk in Buenos Aires is improved with LED
    The goal of the project was city beautification, but alongside that, another benefit is the cost savings associated with switching to LED. The city of Buenos Aires can save up to 50% on energy costs for lighting the monument and the ability to control the lighting remotely means adjustments require little more than the touch of a finger.