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    Exploring the Human Factor in Lighting Design


    When you fly at night, there is something magical about the sight of the cities and road lights down below. Instinctively, we know: where there is human activity, there is light. And there is growing scientific evidence that lighting does much more than simply provide illumination. Human centric lighting can connect us, make us feel good, and be better at what we do.

    Exploring the Human Factor in Lighting Design


    Researchers have found that light meets both visual and non-visual needs – and understanding this interaction has opened up a new realm of applications. These insights help us develop commercial lighting solutions that are targeted at enhancing vision, well-being, and performance by applying an in-depth knowledge of science, customers and user needs.

    In The Human Factor in Lighting Designs you will see how awareness and scientific evidence that people need light for their health and well-being plays an essential role in creating attractive LED-based value-to-customer propositions that go well beyond energy saving.

    Join this webinar and discover how science-based lighting designs can benefit human physiology and psychology.

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    Exploring the Human Factor in Lighting Design