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    Atletico Madrid takes lighting to the next level 


    A stadium that beckons fans from a distance, pulling them forward with the power of their team’s colors illuminating the façade. The roar of the dedicated supporters is intensified by dynamic lighting all around, pulsing with the music and tuned specifically to the event at hand. After the official inauguration for the 2017/2018 season, this will be the experience at the new Atletico Madrid Stadium, located in the heart of Spain’s capital city.

    With a capacity of 67,000, dynamic LED lighting on the façade has the power to create drama and stimulate visitors from the moment they spot the stadium from a distance. The home team’s colors can illuminate the exterior, or be replaced by the other team’s colors if the opposing team scores. Dynamic lighting enables a quick color change and can be adapted based on what’s happening inside. This way even fans watching from outside can follow along with events taking place inside.
    Atletico Madrid stadium

    In addition to façade lighting, the new LED pitch lighting brings the game to life for fans both in the stands and at home. A roof will be suspended over the field which will house Philips VayaFlood LED lighting that can display more than 16 million colors. While the pitch lighting can be operated independently, it can also work together with the façade lighting to create a cohesive display. Imagine a half-time show where the stadium is literally pulsing with light, both inside and out.


    Finally, a sporting event is not complete without food, and a trip to the hospitality areas of Atletico Madrid Stadium won’t disappoint. Fans will feel the glow of high-quality LED lighting, adding even more to their game-day adventure.


    The new Atletico Madrid stadium is first in the world to have LED pitch, façade and hospitality lighting from Philips Lighting. Come experience the magic in 2017!

    atletico madrid stadium