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    Life imitates the web


    Despite some privacy and usage concerns, the majority of online shoppers are willing to trade data for personalization.

    Shoppers get recommendations, access to order histories, the ability to create favorites lists and wish lists, quicker checkouts, and often access to special discounts and other incentives in exchange for allowing the company to track their behavior in detail.

    Life imitates the web
    Retailers also like it, for obvious reasons: better insight into customer behavior, increased customer loyalty, better inventory and order management, and – most importantly – more sales.

    Connected lighting systems with indoor positioning capabilities are starting to make personalized shopping experiences available in brick-and-mortar stores. Indoor positioning uses wireless communications embedded in the lighting system – typically via Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, LED light beams, or a combination – to detect and track the location of shoppers in store to sub-meter accuracy. Customers who opt in can use specially designed mobile apps to receive customized recommendations, relevant product information, and in-store discounts and incentives. Retailers can tailor a customer’s experience based both on her current location in the store and the “clickpaths” of her previous visits.
    With such a connected lighting system in place, retailers can combat “showrooming,” where customers come in store to see merchandise up close and personal, but then go online to find better deals with competitors. Delivering targeted discounts right in the aisles is an effective and proven method of converting visits to sales. Retailers can use historical information on traffic patterns in the store to optimize floorplans and displays – for instance, by adjusting the lighting, or by redesigning layouts.

    Personalized experiences can help retailers enhance their brand and give them a crucial edge over the competition. By offering personalization in store, they can create a more seamless customer experience that embraces both the virtual and actual worlds.

    Online storefronts started out imitating life. Now life is beginning to imitate the Web.

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