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    Inside the adaptive office


    With such innovations as LED lighting, solar panels, thermal aquifers, and sophisticated building management systems, office buildings are becoming ever more energy efficient. However, recent studies have shown that accounting for human behavior can double or triple the energy savings that you can achieve by technology alone.

    As part of the internet of Things, connected lighting transforms traditional lighting systems into a high-bandwidth, two-way digital highway above the ceiling. Connected lighting functions as a distributed data communications platform, with a connected luminaire every few square meters on average.


    Connected luminaires can use very affordable sensors and wireless access points to create a scalable infrastructure that will help building owners and developers to keep pace with rapid technology innovations and increasing amounts of data.

    In the world of connected lighting, real estate investments will no longer be based on solely on committed rental periods and expected future vacancy rates. With the ability to collect and analyze data on activities and usage patterns in illuminated spaces, real estate investments can also be measured against the business performance of the renters. This will create new dynamics and opportunities in the real estate market.


    Several studies, and some recent connected lighting installations, demonstrate that real-time activity data and in-context communications with building occupants reduces the required amount of space per employee by 20% or more. This makes connected buildings more attractive, increases occupancy rates, and reduces the overall facility costs for renters.

    With personalization apps and other connected experiences, connected lighting can help make offices more effective, comfortable, and just plain cool. Location-based services, such as wayfinding, dynamic conference room scheduling, and coffee-to-desk apps can help engage employees and reduce attrition.

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