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        Product family information

        People want to spend more quality time outdoors with family and friends. The AmphiLux recessed spotlight range is designed to enhance outdoor social areas (gardens, terraces, fountains, waterfalls, etc.) with architectural lighting.AmphiLux is a family of LED spots featuring a stunning, sleek Italian design with a stylish chrome finish. These solutions can be used under water and in semi-wet and dry environments. Available in Micro, Mini and Compact sizes, the range offers a choice of dynamic white-light and colored-light versions for maximum flexibility in tasteful flood and accent lighting.


        All mono-color products are powered via a standard 12 V DC driver, making them safe in human-occupied water and extremely easy to install.
        The dynamic color spots provide a rich color spectrum (RGBW), from fully saturated to soft pastel colors; the color-temperature-variation spots create a variety of white tones.
        The use of LEDs and quality optics make the Amphilux spots very energy-efficient, with energy savings of up to 80% possible, depending on the application.


        Sleek, attractive design
        Highly efficient, low-power LED spots
        Every spot available in the mono-colors high-quality white (2700, 4000, 6000 K) and blue
        Mini and Compact spots also available in dynamic versions with RGBW or color-temperature variation
        IP68-rated for underwater use, but also suitable for dry environments
        Very installation-friendly due to 12 V DC driver system for all mono-color spots


        Architectural flood and accent lighting in fountains, waterfalls, gardens or on buildings
        Product family details
        • BBD400 Micro (1 x LED, Mono color version)
        • BBC400 Micro (1 x LED, Mono color version)*
        • BBD410 Mini (4 x LED, Mono and Dynamic color version)
        • BBD420 Compact (12 x LED, Mono and Dynamic color version)
        • *special plastic version for harsh environments
        Light source
        • Non replaceable LED-module
        • Micro versions: 1.5 W
        • Mini version (Mono color): 5 W
        • Mini version (Dynamic color): 4 W
        • Compact version (Mono color): 15 W
        • Compact version (Dynamic color): 12 W
        Beam angle
        • Micro versions: 10, 20 and 35º
        • Mini and Compact versions: 10 and 40º
        Luminous flux
        • Micro versions: +/- 60 lm
        • Mini version: +/- 240 lm
        • Compact version: +/- 720 lm
        Correlated Color Temperature
        • 2700, 4000 and 6000 K for the Mono color versions
        • 2700 - 6000 K for tunable white
        Color Rendering Index
        • > 80 (2700 and 4000 K)
        • > 70 (6000 K)
        Maintenance of lumen output - L90
        • 43.000 hours at 35ºC
        Maintenance of lumen output - L70
        • 147.000 hours at 35ºC
        Maintenance of lumen output - L50
        • > 200.000 hours at 35ºC
        Operating temperature range
        • -20 to +35ºC
        • Built-in for Mono color versions
        • External (DMX-RDM driver) for Dynamic color versions
        Mains voltage
        • 12 V DC for Mono color versions
        • Housing:
        • BBD versions: chromed brass
        • BBC version: ertacetal
        • Optical cover: hardened glass
        Corrosion resistance
        • For BBD versions:
        • Salt water resistant up to 35gr/L salinity
        • Chlorine resistant if water has a stable PH level between 6.8 and 8
        • If these levels are exceeded, use the BBC range of products
        • BBD versions: chrome
        • BBC versions: white
        • Flying leads
        • Recessed mounting. For in ground (concrete etc.) use the matching ZBD400 RMB recessed box
        • Recessed box, ZBD400 RMB
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