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    Watch this webinar and see how the elements such as - Solids & voids, Opacity & Transparency, Textures & Colours etc. alter light and space dramatically.

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    Lighting is a magic wand in the hands of the architect! We are conscious of the fact that lighting (natural & artificial) can make or break architecture, similar to what a cinematographer does for a movie. Lighting is not an add on – it's not a lipstick. While designing, we are constantly playing with elements which are antithetical in nature namely: Solids & voids, Opacity & Transparency, Textures & Colours, Reflections & darkness etc. These elements alter light and space dramatically, while emotionally charging the occupant!


    Currently Edifice love this idea of mixing intensities, colours, textures in one single space similar to a Rembrandt painting, while ensuring that form follows purpose. Every space has a function and that needs to be respected. On a broader level, there are projects across all the 5 climatic zones in India which essentially means that the quality of light & wind varies. Hence the process begins with conducting a thorough site analysis identifying the orientation, climatology, wind path, solar studies etc. Once this process is complete, we embark on our design process.


    A brief about the speaker


    Ravi Sarangan, is a popular figure in the fraternity of Architecture. Having done his  graduation from J J School of Architecture, he co-founded Edifice. With more than 25 years of practice, he is recipient of numerous awards and recognitions from within the fraternity. He currently oversees Edifice's brand management, handles Key Clients, and participates in the creative design process. Ravi also delivers lectures on the design and practice of Architecture as well as serves on the jury of various eminent design award competitions.


    Ravi has been intimately involved with several landmark projects, prominent amongst them are projects for JSW, Cap Gemini, Amararaja Industries, Reliance ADAG and the Head quarters for The Ministry of Renewable Energy in New Delhi.


    His Mantra is “Any design intervention which brings a smile on the face of the occupant, elevates them, improves productivity, is extremely important. Further, the design should be sustainable, belong to the place, enhance its surroundings and serve as a benchmark for the future developments”.


    Watch this webinar hosted by Philip Lighting Academy, India and see how the antithetical elements alter light and space dramatically, while emotionally charging the occupant!


    Presented by

    Ravi Sarangan

    Ravi Sarangan


    Director, Edifice Architects