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    Watch this webinar and learn about light in architecture


    Click on the image alongside to watch the recording of the webinar presented by Ar. Sanjay Mohe and let's learn from his experiments.


    In words of the visionary Ar. Mohe himself - “Light has been the most dynamic element we have used and we are constantly trying to refine the quality it can add to spaces. Even a dark room needs a crack of light to know how dark it is. This not only minimises the need for any artificial sources of lighting but also creates animated spaces with interplay of light and shadow.”


    If you notice the thin line between space and lighting is blurring in his design approach. His presentation shares his journey of this approach and the magical effect it creates in multifarious buildings and spaces that he and his firm has created along.


    Quoting him again “To sum up, our buildings are not consciously designed to capture attention from the exterior. We try and create spaces which are unique in their ‘feel’ providing the user with a series of experiences – experiencing elements of nature within a space, experiencing light, breeze, sound, unfolding of layers and volumes. The external form of the building is derived to complement the functions within. We try to create an equilibrium between man, his needs, emotions, culture, his aspirations, elements of nature and technological advancement.”


    Let us hear him out and benefit the most from the master himself! Let’s get illuminated with architecture and lighting alike!!!


    A brief about the Speaker:

    To the world of architecture and lighting, Ar. Sanjay Mohe needs no introduction. He remains to be one of the most respected Architects in India with his sustainable and simplicity-oriented designs  rooted in India's traditional culture. It is illuminating talking to architect Sanjay Mohe about architecture and lighting. The sage-like architect, with his beard and big hair, gives architecture a spiritual spin. A house or a building is not just an engineering feat; it is a space that evokes an emotional response from those inhabiting the space. And that a building has to be placed within the context of a location and culture. The living space becomes a living entity with a soul and “it is not about external appearances as with a sculpture. The space within is important. You have to start from inside and move to the exterior.”

    Presented by:

    Sanjay Mohe


    Ar. Sanjay Mohe