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    Light  - Beyond


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    Light - beyond illumination

    While the environmental performances of new commercial buildings in India have been improving dramatically in recent years, most existing buildings were constructed in an era when energy was less expensive, technologies were less advanced, and environmental performance was rarely a priority. Existing buildings, as studies have proven, generally use significantly more energy and water than new buildings of the same size and function. Existing buildings also comprise the largest segment of the built environment.


    It is, therefore, important to initiate energy conservation retrofits to reduce consumption and the costs of operation. Today, we have about 30 billion sq.ft of constructed floor area in India which is expected to grow to 100 billion sq.ft by 2030.


    And hence, there lies an enormous opportunity to convert existing buildings into ‘Green’ by effective operations and maintenance.


    Lighting, which contributes 15-25% of a building’s energy usage as on date, is a big and easy prospect area for an upgrade to energy-efficient and intelligent lighting for existing buildings. Not only is it a giant business opportunity for the lighting sector, but also an opportunity for businesses to improve their bottom lines, with a green branding message to the world outside. Watch the webinar recording to learn more.


    A brief about the speaker


    A professional with Bachelor’s Degree in Architecture (SPA Delhi, 2001) with over 13+ years’ qualitative experience in Design, Construction Management in Interiors, Buildings, Real Estate, Industrial and Development sector. He has had a diverse and unique work experience as an entrepreneur, architect, interior designer, project manager, development expert and technical marketer with demonstrated ability to focus on technologies, interiors, infrastructure, social development, networking, habitat, construction, lighting and architecture. He works for Philips as part of “Center of Competence” and brings green design and aesthetic approach to Philips Lighting. He is also a certified trainer at Philips Lighting Academy.

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    Ashish Bahal


    Mr. Ashish Bahal