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    Green Lighting Solutions for

    New Constructions

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    Our webinar on Green lighting solutions for new constructions is now available online.


    Click the video player to watch the webinar and learn how the concept of Green lighting solutions for New constructions renders clarity to approaching lighting with green intent with a simple step by step approach.

    Health and well being

    Lighting accounts for 15% of the total energy consumption in India. And it offers many energy-efficiency opportunities in almost any building facility, existing or new.


    A century ago, a person could read by the light of a single candle. Today a person in a typical office uses hundreds or even thousand times more light. Over the years, illumination perceptions and methods have changed radically along with increasing efficiency of light sources. They have also thrown open the challenges of abiding by the concurrently multiple parameters of aesthetics, ergonomics and efficiency with unfailing compliance with relevant lighting standards. With prevailing green building standards like IGBC, LEED, GRIHA etc. the task of facing this challenge has become a little easier.


    How then does a building professional do the fine-reading of all the data and integrate them with lighting which offers a great experience with great efficiency? Watch the recording of this webinar to get the answer.


    A brief about the speaker


    A professional with Bachelor’s Degree in Architecture (SPA Delhi, 2001) with over 13+ years’ qualitative experience in Design, Construction Management in Interiors, Buildings, Real Estate, Industrial and Development sector. He has had a diverse and unique work experience as an entrepreneur, architect, interior designer, project manager, development expert and technical marketer with demonstrated ability to focus on technologies, interiors, infrastructure, social development, networking, habitat, construction, lighting and architecture. He works for Philips as part of “Center of Competence” and brings green design and aesthetic approach to Philips Lighting. He is also a certified trainer at Philips Lighting Academy.

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    Ashish Bahal


    Mr. Ashish Bahal