Lighting theory essentials

    Lighting theory essentials is a selection of 14 short videos (duration: < 5 minutes) which covers the most important elements of Lighting theory. We intend to give you a relevant, fast, and flexible learning experience.

    What is Electromagnetic wave theory?

    What are the 3 ways to generate light and what is the Gas discharge lamps?

    What is incandescent and halogen-incandescent lamp?

    What is LED?

    What is Luminous Flux and Lumen?

    What is Luminous Intensity and Candela?

    What is Illumance and Luminance?

    What is color redering and Color Redering Index?

    What is color temperature and Kelvin?

    What is Glare?

    What is the life expectancy of different light sources?

    What is 1 watt?

    How to do lighting calculation?

    What is the relationship between Light and the environment?

    For more information please see the E-book “The Science of Lighting”. In this book you will learn additional lighting theory knowledge about light and radiation, how light is produced, how is light directed and screened, quantities and units, light and vision, light and color, light and health and Lighting quality.


    Below are additional videos related to Lighting theory:


    What is electromagnetic spectrum?
    What is a prism?
    What is HID?
    What is Fluorescent?
    What is light absorption?
    What is refraction?
    What is photometrics?
    What is the visual process?
    What is lighting vision?
    What is color mixing?
    What are the basic concepts of light and health?
    What is lighting level?
    What is lumen method?
    What is economics of light?
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